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Conisholme UFO Alien Sighting - New Eye Witness Account


Following the scoop unearthed by the Louth Leader last week regarding the strange sightings of UFO's shortly before and after the now infamous Wind Turbine crash an additional witness has come forward with interesting testimony as reported by the Louth Leader yesterday (13th Jan).

Rebecca Hodgson of Louth was tending to her horse in stables just off London Road, Louth on Saturday January 3rd - the night before the 65 ft blade fell from the turbine in Conisholme.

Rebecca noticed that her horse was spooked by a 'flashing orange ball' in the sky which she described as a bright orange light which circled above the turbines. She said: "It was really bright and glowing, it went dimmer and then moved across horizontally".

Alarmed by her horse's reaction, Rebecca alerted her mother and sister by shouting "there was a UFO in the sky". Rebecca commented, "Animals are more susceptible to things like that. Obviously we get a lot of airplanes flying over but she never normally gets bothered by them. I instantly thought it was strange".

This of course is not the only sighting prior to the events of Sunday 4th January, several witnesses have stated that an 'orange' light was seen in and around the wind turbine farm and some accounts also document the dubbed 'Octopus UFO' in which tentacles of light were seen being omitted from a strange light in the sky.

We continue to await news from the German forensic team currently studying the alleged UFO crash debris and a spokesperson from the wind farm company, Ecotricity said: "hopefully we will get the results in by the end of the week – if there is a rational answer out there, we will find it".

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