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Nick Pope and The UFO's Past and Present Immediate Danger?

Nick Pope is the English version of our US friends Fox Mulder and Dana Scully straight out of the X-Files. He is most prominently known for having served a regular term between 1991 and 1994 within the British Government's MoD official first point of contact and investigator of UFO reports and sightings across the UK. This work was conduced within the department then identified as Sec AS2a (known as the Secretariat of the Air Force Staff).

Mr Pope claims he started his job with a “largely sceptical” viewpoint as to the idea of placing valuable resources into investigating the existence of UFOs. He is now however a renowned science fiction author and a regular media commentator on UFO and Alien matters and is one of the few individuals in a position of authority to say there is a problem in our skies which needs to be properly and immediately addressed.

UFO and Alien conspiracy theories characteristically inform each other and often ensnare so closely that it is hard to determine who initially made any particular accusation. In more recent matters, relating to the Conisholme UFO Crash site in which an alleged alien craft crashed into a wind turbine, Mr Pope has suggested this case "could have the potential to finally provide answers to the global UFO and Alien Sighting mysteries".

During his time in the British MoD he identified numerous cases where UFOs had reportedly been tracked on radar, leading to jets being scrambled, and has even suggested that Pilots of these elite craft have been ordered to shoot down UFO's over the skies of the UK.

The UK government however has a significantly different policy to that of the general public in these matters and the standard MoD line surrounding any suspected UFO sighting is “Unless there is evidence of a potential threat, there is no attempt to identify the nature of each sighting reported".

Mr Pope has written four books in his career and hundreds of articles relating to UFO and Alien matters. Operation Thunder Child is Pope's first fictional book sourced upon on evidence he identified whilst working for the British Governments MoD. The now famous ‘Cosford Incident’ facilitated Nick's belief that something had to be done about the weaknesses of the UK's air defence program which in his mind is being penetrated by UFOs. Mr Pope is committed to an open and honest debate around UFO issues, and feels that there should be full disclosure of all information on UFOs and other matters relating to the subject, held by governments around the world.

Nick's unique access to new data and old government files persuaded him that the UFO and Alien Sightings raised significant air defence and security issues. He estimates that around 85% of his cases were explainable, 10% were lacking credible evidence, and 5% were unsolved. And whilst Mr Pope says that there is currently no evidence of a hostile threat, this cannot be ruled out.

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