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Orange UFO Alien Lights Sighted Over The UK

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Following recent reports since the start of 2009 regarding strange 'orange' coloured lights predominately over the north of the UK, this has made us look more closely at this recent trend in terms of UFO and/or Alien sightings.

Our regular readers whom have been following the Conisholme Lincolnshire alleged UFO crash site will immediately draw parallels with this case which also featured strange 'orange' lights in the sky prior to, and immediately after, the wind turbine incident.

So what are these orange lights in the sky so many witnesses have reported?

Well, in the vast majority of cases so far published they all appear to exude similar characteristics in shape and movement. Witnesses tell of multiple lights tracking the same course very slowly and almost appearing to float. Further testimony explains that the orange lights continually separated and again were traveling slowly and glowing whilst following the same track and speed of the same shape and colour.

Could these sightings over multiple dates and locations (albeit concentrated in the north region) be some form of experimental craft? Sure, there are military bases such as RAF Leuchars which is the most northerly fighter base in the UK along with RAF Lossiemouth which houses three operational Tornado GR4 squadrons, not to mention the Tornado GR4. Quite possibly experimental crafts could be being tested over these sometimes remote regions of the UK but how would this fit into the Conisholme crash?

Could a military jet have clipped the wind turbines blade, severing it off, the impact causing the remaining blade to be also badly damaged? it is possible, however the fact that no wreckage was discovered the following morning (assuming the jet could limp itself back to base) this lends itself to a very quick military 'clean up' exercise following the incident.

Given the evidence available in the public domain at this point in time we can only surmise at this stage what caused this incident. The orange lights over the north of the UK do indeed appear to be some form of intelligent craft but whether these originate from Alien sources or our own construction remains unanswered. We will however be following these incidents and reporting any further trends from the data available.

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