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Rendlesham Forest UFO Incident -Tape Transcript Analysis Prt 4


In our next installment of the infamous Rendlesham Forest UFO incident we further examine the transcript of the original audio recording made by Colonel Charles Halt of the USAF whom along with several men experienced something strange in the woods over two cold days in December 1980.

The original audio recording provides us with a fascinating insight into their investigation into the woods and today we examine some of the comments made and the equipment used during their investigation to better understand the clarity of the situation.

The Geiger Counter

It is important to look at this equipment in more detail given the emphasis on the readings (and the implications of such) produced that night. The Geiger counter used by the US air force was a type which was primarily used for only high level readings and as such, was not designed to capture accurately the type and size of the readings given the scale of the readout display which would have been small at the bottom end of the meter.

The readings recorded that night varied from 0.1 - 0.7 and evidence within the released UFO files provide us with some interesting comparison information of these readings. Nick Pope whom was the MoD's operative charged to investigate UFO sightings and investigated this case, wrote to Defence Radiological Protection Service to ascertain whether these readings were unusual.

Their reply stated that normal background radiation levels would vary dependent upon many factors however the readings recorded that night of between 0.1-0.7 milliroentgers (nr) per hour were significantly higher than the average background levels of 0.015 nr. Further, their reply stated that they would not expect background readings to be any more than a factor of two.

If the meter readings from the somewhat limited equipment were producing the correct levels then there was a significant increase in radioactive levels in the forest that night way above normal levels. However, given the limited nature of the equipment in determining an accurate reading we have to accept this evidence with a certain amount of skepticism.

Starlight Scope

The equipment used in the Rendlesham Forest investigation was known as the Starlight Scope (also referred to as Stargazer and Starscope) which in essence was a hand held night vision scope allowing users to see at night using moonlight or starlight. There are many references to this equipment within the transcript including when looking at the unidentified lights which 'burned the eye' as they placed the scope upon the object. Given what they were focusing upon appeared to be a light the effects produced by the scope would not be considered unusual however, the readings identified at the 'landing site' primarily among the two trees identified are to be considered unusual given the retention of light, and in this case, heat traces which you would not expect from a dormant tree.

Unexplained Lights

Towards the end of the transcript Colonel Halt and his men encountered a large light in amongst the trees of Rendlesham Forest. They describe the light as a 'pupil' 'winking at you' and further comment suggests that 'pieces are shooting off it'. The Starlight scope also produced some interesting information in relation to the lights given Halt's comments around the 'hollow' nature of the light when viewing with the equipment. This effectively tells us that the centre of the light was not producing any discernible effects whereas the circumference was producing some form of a ring of light giving the impression of the pupil of an eye. It appears the light was pulsating/flashing at points which I understand is where the 'winking' effect was produced through the scope and by the naked eye.

These lights and the detailed description of these events endured a high degree of scrutiny after the event was made public. The mainstream explanation was the nearby lighthouse of Orford Ness which was in a direct path to the UFO landing site. However the lighthouse in question is some 6 miles away and although would have produced some degree of light through the trees in my view does not explain the impact that these lights had upon the men witnessing them. The clear strength of the UFO, the knowledge of the local area of the men present (they knew the lighthouse location and not once was this mentioned as a possible explanation anywhere within the transcript) and the professional nature of the witness in my mind does not intimate that what they were witnessing was indeed a lighthouse beam some 6 miles away..,.

I am sure you will agree the transcript is one of the most interesting aspects of the Rendlesham Forest UFO incident and provides us with a unique insight into the walk into the woods with these men witnessing something quite extraordinary.

In our next installment we will look at the resulting investigation including an internal letter from the UK MoD confirming that a UFO indeed did land in Rendlesham Forest that night which in addition, contained alien life forms.......

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