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UFO Files - Dan Air 737 From London Gatwick to Hamburg Close Encounter


Following the UK Governments recent release of previously classified UFO documents by the ministry of defense (MoD) in October 2008, we have been carefully pouring over these sometimes complex and difficult documents to provide you with some interesting incidents in and around the UK.

In this case, on the 17th June 1991, Dan Air flight from London Gatwick to Hamburg experienced a strange UFO outside the plane during the flights climb at around 4000 ft. Four eyewitness confirmed the sighting.

This event was recorded formally by the Captain of the flight and handed to the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) given the severity of the sighting. The captains narrative explains;

"Whilst climbing out of Gatwick heading towards Detling Vor on the initial stage of the Clacton departure - 4 passengers saw a wingless projectile pass below and to the left (north) of the aircraft. However from the description offered it would appear that the object was flying level at an altitude of between 4000 and 5000ft just above the main cloud tops. I am unable to ascertain the size and direction of flight of the object. However it would seem to have passed fairly close by as the passengers were able to see it quite clearly."

The captain of the flight further stated "The occurrence was reported to and discussed with Gatwick air traffic control (ATC) who were unaware of anything unusual occurring at that time. I do not believe that the passengers involved made the story up as they appeared concerned by the sighting and insisted in notifying us (the flight deck crew) before disembarking".

One of the concerned passengers whom sighted the craft took down some brief notes including a small picture and direction of the object (see picture).

Given the obvious close proximity of the UFO to the flight a 'near miss' report had to filed and properly investigated. From the MoD released files, there is no evidence to suggest that any further investigation of the event was conducted and no further explanations are offered within the documents.

This is certainly a classic unexplained UFO incident over the skies of the south coast of England and one which as yet remains unanswered.

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