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Remote Viewing and The Stargate Project


Remote viewing is defined as a closely controlled change of awareness which is carried out under a regular waken state of consciousness. It does not ordinarily involve out of body experiences, channeling or a manipulated state of consciousness. It primarily surrounds the capability of an individual to propel their conscious thoughts, to a remote setting with a view to establishing contact with a physical location anywhere in the world.

Remote viewing was originally developed within the Stanford Research Institute and subsequently adopted by the US Governments Department of Defence but was also sponsored by the Criminal Intelligence Agency, Defense Intelligence Agency and Army intelligence during the 1970s, 80s and early 90s. The agencies involved penned the code name "Stargate" to the program which following it's actual disclosure by the US Government in 1995 was the renowned name for all things Remote Viewing.

The "Stargate" Program

The "Stargate" project was the US Governments collective name for a Remote Viewing experimentation program which was alive for over 20 years with a brief to create a teachable, repetitive, operational and above all, accurate means of information gathering for the U.S. Military and associated intelligence agencies.

This was prompted during the late 60's and early 70's by the development of Russian research into the physic field of research.

"Marks" selected for "viewing" included geographic locations and concealed materials. Remote Viewing sessions were located in an environment which prevented any knowledge of the "Mark" being revealed to the viewer. The viewer was then instructed to produce rough impressions of the "Mark" on sketch paper.

One now legendary Remote Viewer from this program was a certain Joe McMoneagle, a former US Army spy. He was classified as Remote Viewer 001 and for good reason, being his success rate of over 88% in Remote Viewing tasks and was the first fully sanctioned RV operative. He is know a renowned author and expert on the subject and continues to this day to be the subject of television in terms of the demand to 'prove' his ability to the general public.

The "Stargate" program was ceased by the US Government primarily because of the overall unreliable nature of the results which were deemed to be far too unreliable to be considered of any remedial intelligence value in comparison to the military spend (it is estimated the entire program cost around the $20 million dollar region). This is not to say that the US Government did not believe in the essence of the "Stargate" program only that in a more competitive environment for US taxpayers dollars the output of the program just did not justify its means. This was confirmed following the Democrats loss of control of the Senate in 1994 in which the funding declined. The "Stargate" program was then transferred out of the Defense Intelligence Agency to the Criminal Intelligence Agency in 1995. The program terminated fully shortly thereafter.

The use of the "Stargate" program was always only used as a last resort in terms of intelligence gathering. The remote viewing staff encompassed around 21 viewers but during its demise operatives dwindled to single figures. We are now aware of the details regarding this program due to a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) application which rendered once top classified documents accessible to the general public.

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