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Paisley Scotland Large Square Orange UFO Sighting


On January 9th 2009 in the remote village of Paisley Scotland eyewitnesses have spotted what is believed to be an UFO. At around 12.00am the witness was working in the west end of Paisley when his attention was drawn to a couple outside whom were gesticulating to the skies. The female stranger stated "look at that" whilst pointing to the heavens.

The witness said "as I looked from an upstairs window I saw a large flat square shaped orange dish". He further said ,"The object was not flashing but remained very bright, while hovering the object briefly moved from right to left and then back again to the spot I had first seen it at".

"I immediately informed my colleague who was in our office at the time and we both then went outside to have a look, my colleague confirms that he seen a bright orange light which appeared to be surrounded by a triangular shaped orange light, this remained for approximately 1 minute, the object then disappeared heading towards the Elderslie area of Renfrewshire".

This is the second such report from this region within the last few weeks both describing an 'orange light'. It certainly seems to be some sort of regular activity here, we shall keep you posted of any further UFO Alien happenings in the Scottish region.

Witness source: http://www.ufoinfo.com

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Anonymous said...
10 February 2009 at 11:43  

Last night I saw a bright orange object in the sky, at first I thought it was a hot air ballon as it was the colour of fire then I realised it couldnt be as it was square in shape, it was gliding in a straight line then it shot up high into the sky, at this point it looked like a star, as i kept watching it came closer again and started to move from one point to another (like a triangle, as it came closer to me i went into the house because I was completely freaked out (shaken to the core). I dont believe in aliens, I like science but what I saw last night is unexplainable and now I have to question my beliefs. I wish I hadn't seen it. I feel like a nutter telling people because I wouldnt believe it unless I had seen it myself. This happened in Fraserburgh North east Scotland at 11pm 9th Feb

Area 51 UK UFO Alien Sightings said...
11 February 2009 at 08:57  

Hi there,

Thank you for sharing your disturbing experience. We have recently moved to a new home on the web and we are in the process of collecting such sightings such as this to collate like minded experiences with a view to sharing and understanding them. If I can ask you to pop along to our new UFO Sightings site and leave your story in the UFO Sightings section (tab at the top of the site). Thank you.

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