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Man Rescued By a Auric Healer

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Tony Poboka whom lost the power of speech after suffering from a serious stroke went missing near his home in Nimbin, New South Wales on the 5th May 2006. A massive search ensued with over 30 police officers, volunteers and sniffer dogs in addition to a local helicopter equipped with the latest thermal imaging equipment failed to local Mr Poboka.

On the 3rd day of searching just as officials were due to call off the search Tania Theoharris, the ex-wife of Fred Waters, Mr Pobokas' son, telephoned "auric healer" Lena McGregor for help locating Mr Poboka. Hen Ms McGregor heard the answerphone message left for her she immediately received a "vision" of a property with a man lying on rocks in a gully - it was noted that Ms McGregor had never met Mr Poboka or indeed visited his house.

Ms McGregor said "When I got to the house and walked out the back, there was no doubt it was exactly as I had seen it in the vision" she went on "I felt a pounding in my heart and just pointed and said: 'he's down there'. I had a feeling of panic and urgency and I knew that it was life and death".

Mr Podoka was located some 330ft down a ravine and taken to a local hospital where he was suffering from hypothermia and dehydration. Doctors said that had he not been found he would have died within 3 hours...

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