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UFO Crash Site Conisholme Lincolnshire Update


Following the expected hoards of reporters at the purported Alien crash site in Conisholme Lincs further eye witness testomony has come to light from a local resident named only as 'Shelia'. She lives just a few yards from the wind farm and commented;

'I'm a very light sleeper and I didn't hear or see a thing on Sunday night,' said the 67 year old householder, 'I hope that one day we will see aliens, but I doubt it will happen in that field. I've lived here for 20 years and nothing interesting has ever happened here. Except them building the wind farm, of course.'

Dale Vince, the founder of Ecotricity, also said 'we have so far found no evidence of a collision with an object or an animal. Nor has anything been found to suggest a lightning strike'. 'The cause is still a mystery, but but we have been able to rule out ice on the blade as a cause.'

It seems the MoD continue to play down the event and are not at present investigating owing to the fact there was 'no evidence of a threat to UK airspace' Nick Pope former operative on the MoD X Files is however very interested and has commented that 'This is a really bizarre case. What's particularly interesting and exciting is that because there's been a collision, there will be residue of the object involved on the damaged part of the turbine.

'Forensic science will enable this material to be recovered and analysed, exactly as happens in a road traffic accident where a driver fails to stop at the scene. This elevates this UFO case, because with most sightings all you have is eyewitness testimony or indistinct and shaky film footage taken on a mobile phone.

'Here's an opportunity to do some hard science. Given that this case can be properly investigated, I believe the MoD and Civil Aviation Authority should take immediate action.
'The description of the UFO as having tentacles is also highly unusual. I've only heard of a handful of such sightings before. Most UFO sightings involve craft that are triangular, disc-shaped, cigar-shaped or involve balls of light.'

The case continues.....

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