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President Barack Obama and The UFO Observers


This video is an unknown object flying past the Washington Monument which some have come speculate is a UFO flying over President Obama's inauguration. Given the tight security of the event which included a total lock down on all flights in and around Washington DC has led some to conclude that the object clearly was not an aircraft.

Early explanations give a Bat or large bird as bait, however given the speed and size of the craft our view is it clearly is not an animal in flight. Nick Pope the once MoD UFO files analyst for the UK government has commented that “We know it is not an aircraft because a strict no-fly zone was imposed over the area. “It seems to have been going a little bit too fast for any type of bird.”

Given the clear speed of the UFO and it's flight path (it doesn't appear to deviate from a straight flight path) and the size using the monument for reference it does indeed at this time to be fair to classify this as a UFO. Perhaps our earlier news yesterday around Obama's intention to start to release once classified UFO Alien documents is being felt across all regions of the globe and not just our little planet earth....
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