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President Barack Obama Paves The Way For UFO Alien Files Release

On his first full day as President, Barack Obama issued two Executive Orders and three Presidential Memorandum that will enbark upon an era of transparent and Open Government. The White House Office of the Press Secretary released a statement outlining the fundamental changes which will be implemented by the Obama administration.

Most exciting from a UFO researchers view is the Presidential memorandum on the Freedom of Information Act, which will effectively make it easier for individuals and organisations to obtain access to declassifed documents pertaining UFO sightings and even alien sightings all of which under the George W Bush administration have to date refused to declassify.

The specifics of the Presidential memorandum in relation to the release of classified UFO files states; "all members of his administration to operate under principles of openness, transparency and of engaging citizens with their government. To implement these principles and make them concrete, the Memorandum on Transparency instructs three senior officials to produce an Open Government Directive within 120 days directing specific actions to implement the principles in the Memorandum. And the Memorandum on FOIA instructs the Attorney General to in that same time period issue new guidelines to the government implementing those same principles of openness and transparency in the FOIA context.

If President Obama and his new administration keeps true to their word on this memorandum it could prove to be a momentous time in terms of the flow of information. What knowledge the US government has about the presence of alien life visiting our planet and indeed many hundreds of UFO cases that the public have been aware of could well be know over the coming years.

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Mr.Anonymous said...
25 January 2009 at 01:41  

hey nice ufo blog you got here, i'm excited that obama has promised transparency to our government and thats a good thing. it probably will lead to UFO disclosure. I got a ufo blog too you can check it out at www.theufoconnection.blogspot.com. i like the way you designed your page, seems like you got a much better grip on html then me, lol

The Intellectual Redneck said...
25 January 2009 at 14:19  

Obama is a "miserable failure"
I must admit that this is sweet revenge. A few years ago tech savvy internet users with Bush derangement syndrome linked President Bushes bio with the Google search term "miserable failure." Now the label has been transferred to President Barack Obama.

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